Vintage Yellow Flowers Postcard

Vintage Yellow Flowers in Blue Vase Postcard postcard
Vintage Yellow Flowers in Blue Vase Postcard

This watercolor painting was created by Catherine Klein who was born in Berlin Germany in 1861. She was well known because her work appeared to the public in print. At the time and continuing today, her work was used as a model by art teachers. She later added birds and fruit to her paintings all painted in a natural style. Her work remains popular today and is reproduced in many mediums including fabric, prints, pottery, and ceramic.

Vintage Victorian Flowers and Butterfly Postage

These unique nineteenth century illustrations show pretty roses and cute butterflies. I think they would be perfect for special occasion springtime events.  If you want to see more, click on any one of them and you will be transported to Violette's store!

Victorian Flowers Postage
Victorian Flowers Postage by LeAnnS123
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